We were blessed with glorious sunshine at the junior tennis tournament held recently on Sunday 11th December at Bandon Grammar school. As usual the girls were first, starting at 11am and finishing at 1pm and quickly followed by the boys from 1pm to 3pm. The girls tournament was singles “beat the champion” format and there were two groups being under 9 and 10+. Winner in the younger category was Hannah Coakley and Amy McWeeney was victorious in the older girls group. The boys were played in doubles with the same format and the younger group winners were Andrew Doyle and Ciaran O’Halloran and the winners in the senior group were Jack Cullen and Colm Bradley just beating Olexander Boiko and Gavin Dullea to the post.


A little rain didn’t dampen the moods at the junior tournament held recently on Sunday March 6th at Clonakilty tennis club were there was a good turnout in both the boys and girls sections. The girls went first and they started at 12pm and played doubles for almost two hours finishing just short of 2pm in order to present the prizes. The girls winners were Adriana Cullinane and Amy McCarthy in the junior section and Lucy McCarthy and Amy McWeeney in the older section. In the boys section which started at 2pm and went on till 4pm, a mistake was made by making it all one group and so the younger boys had to play the older boys and thus there was only one outcome. I won’t make that mistake again. Nevertheless, the boys winners were Jack McCarthy and Olexander Boiko and the runners up were Gavin Dullea and Ben Quigley

tourno p6
A great day was had by all today, Sunday 7th December 2014, at a junior tournament held at Clonakilty Tennis club. We were extremely fortunate to have fantastic weather throughout with hardly a cloud in the sky and the sun shining on us all. It began with the girls at 10am and ran onto 12 noon. The results are as follows:

Winners: Adriana Cullinane, Abbie O’Sullivan, Maeve Kelly and Amy McWeeney
Runners up: Ciara Quinn, Ciara Ferguson, Doireann Kelly and Ciara White
Third place: Keisha Murphy, Emily Daly, Ciara O’Flynn and Cora Higgins

In the boys tournament from 12 noon to 2pm the results were as follows:

Winners: Olexander Boiko, Jack O’Mahony, Keith McCarthy and Darragh Walsh
Runners up: Conor O’Mahony, Kevin Brady, James Murnane and Robert O’Mahony
Third place: Patrick Murnane, Daniel McCarthy, Dylan O’Flynn and Olan Murphy
tourno p1

We would like to thank all the parents who brought the children along to the competition and look forward to seeing you all in the new year. Merry Christmas all.






Bounce Tennis Academy are organising a series of junior summer camps to run throughout the months of July.  The camps are for ages 7 through to 14 and split into 2 groups.  They are scheduled for every Monday to Friday starting Monday 30th June.

  • Ages 7 years to 10 years: 10.00am to 12.00pm
  • Ages 11 years to 14 years: 12.00pm to 2.00pm

The camp will consist of tennis specific drills and games based exercises. We learn all the shots of tennis in a fun, dynamic and safe environment.  We normally finish on the Friday with a mini-tournament.  This is a great opportunity to meet and make new friends all with a similar interest.  The cost is 50 euro and this includes use of the courts and the coach supplies all the equipment needed (i.e racquets, balls, etc..).  We do ask that the children wear appropriate clothing and shoes and that they bring a drink in case they get thirsty.  The training will take place at Bandon Grammar School tennis facilities.  Hope to see you there.



A junior tennis tournament was organised for Sunday April 6th at Clonakilty tennis club.  There were four different tournaments taking place on the day with the first starting at 10am and running for 2 hours until 12 noon.  The used a “beat the champion” format.  The first group was boys and girls singles under 9.  The second tournament starting at 12 noon was for girls singles under 12.  The third tournament was for boys under 12 and the last group starting at 3pm was for boys and girls singles under 15.  The older children umpired for the younger children.  The weather was beautiful and a great day was had by all.

Winners: Girls under 9 = Rachael McCarthy                                  Boys under 9 = Gearoid Coleman

Girls under 12 = Sinead O’Sullivan                                 Boys under 12 = John O’Sullivan

Girls under 15 = Anna Ferguson                                      Boys under 15 = Peter O’Donoghue



A junior tennis tournament was held at Clonakilty tennis club on Sunday 24th November 2013 to mark the end of the first term of tennis following the school year.  There was three different tournaments held each one lasting for two hours and we used the “Round Robin” format.  The first group was for boys and girls singles under 9. The second competition was for girls singles under 12 and the third tournament was for boys singles under 12.  The older children of the tennis club umpired for the younger children.


Girls under 9 = Rachael McCarthy                    Boys under 9 = Neil O’Sullivan

Girls under 12 = Sinead O’Sullivan                    Boys under 12 = Niall Barrett


Junior Tournament – Break Tennis Club, Mamaia – 15th June 2013

Bounce Tennis Academy is holding a junior tournament at Break Tennis Club on Saturday 15th June from 11.00am to 12.30pm.  As this is our first junior tournament at this club it is only open to those attending junior coaching at the club.  It will be broadly based upon the ITF’s tennis 10’s format using appropriate balls and court size.  However, some changes will be implemented.  It will be run in a round robin format.

The tournament is free to enter and all prizes and use of the courts are sponsored by Bounce Tennis Academy.  It will be an informal event with emphasis upon having fun and trying to implement what we have learnt from the previous four weeks.  We do ask that all players wear the correct attire and tennis shoes and respect the rules of the competition and of the club.

Parents are encouraged to attend and may be asked to assist if possible.  A group photograph of all participants will be taken and of the eventual winners.  We hope you can attend and we look forward to seeing you there.



Congratulations to all those that turned up for the tournament on Saturday 15th June 2013.  We had a great time and witnessed some good rallies and lovely tennis.  The players were split into two groups and we played in a round robin format. Although it wasn’t meant as a very competitive tournament as the emphasis was on having fun and just experiencing a tournament environment.  Having said that we did have two clear winners from each group.

  • Group 1 winner: Stefan
  • Group 2 winner: Nice

Bounce Tennis Academy hopes all had a good time and wishes to thank the parents of the students for staying and watching the proceedings.


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